Seven Tips For Kitty Cat Care

Cats are amazing friends and best loved pets in the world. Those who have never owned a cat before should read the following article. Below are some great tips and tricks that will help any cat owner needs to know in order to live happily with their furry pal.

Check with your shelter before you have plans to get a cat. Shelters always have a lot of great cats available and adoption fees are usually very affordable. Adopting from a pet shelter benefits the cat this way helps to save their life and cut down on unwanted animal births.

If your cat is getting older, you can increase it’s comfort by placing its bed over a heated tile. A terra cotta tile about a foot square is ideal. You can warm it with a 15-20 minute stop in your oven, set to approximately 200 degrees. Place it in an older towel and place it underneath of the feline’s bed. Change every few hours if you like.

TIP! If your cat is a female, you’ll want to spay her once she reaches the proper age. Whether or not she typically goes outside, she may escape while in heat and you might have kittens! Spaying a cat can prevent this.

You should always take your cat for regular vet to make sure everything is okay. Cats require special shots so they don’t get sick and the vet can help you make sure your cat is okay. Try to stick with the same veterinarian throughout your pet. This one vet will be aware of your pet’s medical history.

Cats really enjoy squeezing into any and all small spaces to fit into. A breakaway collar will let go if pulled on tightly. This could help save your cat have nine lives or only a couple of them.

Wrap it in a towel and put it under the cat bed. Change it every few hours if desired.

Nice furniture and cat claws don’t get along very well. Think about a scratching post or kitty tower if your cat’s claws become a problem. Use catnip or other scents that are attractive to your kitty to encourage him to go there. Eventually it will cause you less of a headache.

TIP! Don’t let your cat’s days pass without stimulation and excitement! Your cat needs plenty of exercise. Sadly, this is overlooked by many cat owners.

Even if you own an indoor cat, if she escapes while she is in heat you might end up with a lot of kittens on your hands. Having your cat spayed is the pet population and will save you time and trouble.

Prevent your cat from getting zapped by coating exposed wires with bitter apple on them. If your cat happens to be a champion cord-chewer, hide the cords as best you can. You can do this by bundling them and tucking them in the rolls that are used for paper towels.

Keeping your cats from the counters can be tough. Cats love being up high so they can easily see everyone and everything. You can control this tendency a bit by making high places in the house that you feel comfortable having your cat to hang out.

A cat generally spends quite a bit of time grooming itself. Hairballs are more common in long-haired cats. To help prevent this from occurring, buy your cat special food. Certain cat foods are made just for decreasing hairballs, benefiting both your cat and yourself.

TIP! Be sure you think about your cat’s ears when traveling. You may like music loud and booming, but a cat will prefer lower volumes as their ears are more sensitive.

Cats are often nocturnal in their habits. This means that they are usually be quite active at night. This will keep them from entering your sleeping space and trying to play in the middle of the night.

The litter box for your cat needs to be in the right place. Don’t put it where the cat can’t reach it or in an area that gets too much traffic. Also make sure the area is ventilated so the smell to a minimum. Your cat will be more comfortable and you will appreciate it.

When you decide that you want a cat, it is a fantastic decision. They bring great comfort to their owner. However, in order to get this satisfaction you must first understand how to care for the cat. Following the guidelines you’ve just read will allow you to improve the quality and quantity of your cat’s years.

Try to figure out why your cat makes meowing sounds. Once you become familiar with your cat and its needs, it will become easier to determine what he needs when he meows. It may be a sign your cat needs food, or needs to be let outdoors. Listen to what’s she’s trying to tell you, and you’ll begin to understand her cues.

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Simple Advice And Top Tips For Every Cat Owner

Cats have been beloved pets for hundreds of years. They’ve been written about, movies, and poems. It’s easy to understand why cat’s often times think they are in charge.The below article will help you take control over your feline friend.

You must always bring your cat for regular vet check-ups. Cats need to get shots to prevent illness and a vet can help you make sure your cat is okay. Try to stick with the life of your pet’s life. This ensures that your vet will be more knowledgeable on your cat well.

To help your old cat feel comfy, keep a tile that’s heated under their bed. Use a 12″ terra cotta tile and heat it by putting it in a 200ºF oven for 20 minutes. Keep this underneath your cat’s resting space for extra warmth. When the tile cools down, change it out for a fresh, warm one.

Your cat can easily be ruined by a cat’s claws. It might take a little while, but will be worth the effort and expense.

Never let your cat become bored. Cats need to exercise and get regular exercise. Bored cats can develop depression and mental disorders that may negatively impact their health. Give them exercise space and a large number of toys. Indoor cats will be happier if you provide them with climbing resources and practical things such as scratching post.

Cats are frequently nocturnal creatures. This means that they’re going to be running around more active at night. This will keep them from attacking your sleeping space and awakening you.

If your cat goes outside, it is important to have a collar with a tag. Cats love to roam, so you need to give someone who finds your cat a way to contact you. At least put your phone number and pets name on the tag.

TIP! Prevent your cat from getting zapped by coating exposed wires with bitter apple. Keep your cords covered if you feel like your cat is hellbent on chewing them.

Cats are known for spending inordinate amounts of their time grooming themselves. Hairballs are very common in long-haired cats.There are special foods you can buy to try to help out with hairball issues. Some foods are in fact formulated specifically to reduce hairballs, which will benefit you and your cat.

Avoid bladder crystals and stones by feeding high quality diet. Passing stones or crystals hurts and can cost you a ton in vet bill to have this corrected is expensive. Choose foods low in magnesium food. Be sure that you read the ingredient label.Fish products can have more magnesium than poultry products.

Be considerate of your cat’s ears when traveling.You and your cat probably have different ideas about the ideal volume for the car stereo, but cats generally don’t enjoy this. To keep your cat calm and collected over the course of your trip, turn off the music or keep the volume low.

Your house can really get torn apart by a cat’s claws. If you find your cat tearing up things around your home, buy a scratching post or cat tower. Place this device into an area that your cat frequents, and attempt to get your cat to scratch it rather than the furniture. Sooner or later, they’ll love to use it.

TIP! Being nocturnal is quite normal for cats. The result is that cats prefer to be more active during the night.

Be careful about allowing children to be alone with your children. Children under five years of age should not be alone with a pet. They are just not mature enough to understand the danger they can do.As a kid ages, carefully consider whether a small pet is safe with them.

Litter Box

Don’t think that you can teach your kitty how the litter box. This is something that the cat does on its own and it usually is not learned fro another. Don’t force them into the litter box or you will traumatize them.

Your cat needs attention and a lot of affection. Think of all the friendship and comfort cats provide to us. Cats thrive when treated like part of the household, so involve them in daily activities around the house. They probably would like to feel as though they are a wanted part of the family.

TIP! Cats are great family pets, but small children might be too rough. Guide your kids in handling a feline.

Canned food is usually the best option for cats.Dry food can be less costly, but some wet foods have more benefits. It’s much softer on older teeth if your cat is getting up there in years. Speak with the vet, but know that wet food is normally much better for your pet.

A cat usually believes it is in charge of your house. By using this advice, you can help your cat learn where the real boss resides. Cats are wonderful creatures; apply what you’ve just learned, and you and kitty will get along just fine.

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The Best Advice For Keeping Your Cat Happy

Feral cats are felines that wander the streets or in the wild.These cats are overpopulated and can become a nuisance.Keep reading for some excellent advice about taking care information that you crave.

It can be tricky to keep a challenge to make your cat off the kitchen counters. Cats enjoy going into high so that they can see what’s going on around the house. You can control this tendency a bit by making high places for your cat utilize.

Make sure you don’t allow your cat to be around drape cords. Never let your cats play with drape cords, as they could seriously injure themselves. This accident could trap or injure your cat, or even be fatal. Make sure that the cords are completely out of sight.

TIP! You need to take your pet to the vet on a regular basis. Your cat should have regular well visits, as well as all the recommended vaccinations for his age.

Cats are great pets, but some younger children may be a bit too rough with cats. Make sure that you teach your child knows how to pet a cat. Teach them about appropriate activities are good and how to gentle pick up the cat. Cats have more fragile bones than dogs so should be treated carefully.

Try to figure out why the cause if you find your cat meowing excessively. After you have coexisted with a pet cat for a long while, you’ll understand why your cat purs or meows based on what she wants. By taking note of your cat’s cues, it will be easier to know what they want.

Are you the proud owner of both a dog and dog? Dogs will always try to eat the cat’s food. This makes it a good idea to have a cat feeding areas. This can prevent the two from fighting over water when the food dishes are empty.

Never let your cat experience frequent boredom. Cats should have a lot of exercise and playtime. Unfortunately, a lot of cat owners neglect this. Bored cats can really be a problem. They can have health issues, OCD, and even depression. Give them plenty of room to exercise and a wide selections of toys. Be sure your cat has something they can climb and something they can scratch if they stay inside.

TIP! Cats are known for spending inordinate amounts of time grooming themselves. If your cat has hair that’s long it could get hairballs.

If you start them off eating the same type of food all of the time and you never change it up, your cat will likely be uninterested any any other brand or flavor.

Canned food is an excellent choice for your cat. Dry food is cheaper, but there are added benefits to be had in canned cat food. This food is easier to chew for your older cats to digest. Speak with the vet, but know that wet food is normally much better for your pet.

Make sure your cats always wearing a collar with proper identification tags. This will be important even if the cat lives inside. Cats can be very curious and will explore an open door or window if it is presented to them. This precaution is especially important when your pet is likely to get lost or has an existing medical condition.

Keep smaller children away from pets as they are typically too aggressive. Make sure that you teach your children the proper way to handle a kitten or cat. Show them what activities are appropriate and how to pick them up. A cat’s bones can be quite fragile and they need to be treated gently.

Litter Box

Think about where you put the litter box. You may want to hide that box from everyday life.Make sure your cat can get to its litter box very easily. If your litter box is on a cold surface, then place a rug or mat underneath it.

Take note if and when your cat ever stops conducting their business in their litter box.There are many health conditions that can cause your cat to suddenly stop using their box. A variety of infections and kidney infection may be the reason for this. Speak with a veterinarian if your pet stops using the litter box.

If you get a cat for your kids, make sure to set clear boundaries in advance. Let your children know which rooms their cat can be in. Make sure the kids know if your cat is indoors only. Make sure your children understand the rules from the get go.

TIP! Do all you can to figure out what’s causing your cat to meow. After some time, you’ll understand why your cat purs or meows based on what she wants.

Try moving your litter box if it’s refusing to use it.Cats often don’t go to the bathroom when they feel vulnerable, so moving the box to a more private area should help.

You should have a better idea of how you can take good care of your cat after reading this article. Cats can harm other pets, damage gardens and summon other cats. They can also be loving pets. Perhaps you will fall in love with a feral cat.

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